Bergdala City ... where you recharge

N 56° 50.029', E 15° 13.257'

A short walk through "town" and the nearest countryside.
At the end of the page, a schematic map to the bathing-lake and an alternate route to Kosta

Bergdala is the north-most point of KulTuren, a proposed tour through Glasriket.

We have our own short tour - a walk of about 4 kms. (Can be done with car/motorbike/biclycle, too.)
0. Bergdala glassworks
1 - 3. Former workers' lodging with two flats, now conference rooms. Former workers' quarters, 12 flats and 6 rooms in each row - now youth hostel/b&b
4 - 5. "The yellow villa" - former workers' lodging, now privately owned. Spinnhuset, former co-op grocers. Now weaving studio. Across the lane, formerly the manager's residence, now privately owned.
6. The crossroads: "the old lane" towards Fagereke goes through the farms to Lessebo; "the new road" is straighter and leads to Hovmantorp. To the east of the crossroads we find the former 'phone exchange, which also housed the first co-op shop. Now privately owned. At the place of the grey plastered house there was dancing place in the 1940ies.
10. The old school (west of the road), now art gallery. To the east of the road is the beginning of the village Hästebäck.
12 - 14. Village of Hästebäcks with three old farms.
15. Look towards the village, and you can see the foundation of the bathing house.
17. The house of the IOGT chapter Ljusbringaren, founded in 1907.
20 - 22. The vilage of Lövås, with millpond and former mill (which also produced electricity for both glassworks and village from the 1920ies)
28. The old bus garage
längs promenaden

Schematic map showing the way to the bathing lake, and an alternate route to Kosta