Bergdala City ... where you recharge

N 56° 50.029', E 15° 13.257'

Others say: When you're tired of London you're tired of life
We say: When you're tired of London and everything, you need a rest
Come here to rest!

Background: dandelion field

What is there?
What's downtonwn?
   * "greater Bergdala"
   *  Historical Småland
   *  Cultural Småland
   *  Tasty Småland
Find us
   *  Glass
   *  Stone walls
   *  Map for a walk

  Is there anything more to see within walking distance?
  A walk of about 4 kms (that can be shortened) will take you past the Art 
  gallery, through the old agricultural landscape of the Hästebäck farm,
  down to the IOGT Chapter house, over to the mill pond and back.
  There is a short description of the walk, including some anecdotes about 
  the places you walk past - but as of today it only exists in Swedish. 
  it can be bought at Wärdshuset and Spinnhuset.
  The map, with pictures of some of the places you will pass, can also be 
  found on the map page (opens in new window).
  Are you one for bathing?
  At Hedasjön, a small lake, there is a small beach. It is a longer walk, 
  but you can go there both with bicycle and car. A schematic map can be
  found at the bottom of the map page.

  Would you like a longer tour?
  There is a tour called "Kul-Turen".
  It is about 140 kms long and takes you, mostly on the back roads, through 
  parts of the Kingdom of Crystal. The tour has it's own web page, here 
 (opens in new window - and they have promised it will come in English "soon").