Bergdala City ... where you recharge

N 56° 50.029', E 15° 13.257'

Others say: When you're tired of London you're tired of life
We say: When you're tired of London and everything, you need a rest
Come here to rest!

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  "Downtown Bergdala" actually comprises Disponentvillan, Holmkvists,
  Lilla Bo, Strömgrens,  Utmarkens,  Spinnhuset, The glasswork, Tores 
  workshop and Niklassons - a total of about ten to fifteen buildings.
  Many of these buildings have their own history. Short presentations
  of the buildings can be found in the Bergdala leaflet in the series
  "Culture in the Kingdom of Crystal".

  The series comprises a total of nine brochures, each devoted to one
  of the glassworks' municipalities.  The brochures present the back-
  ground  and  history of each village as it can be seen from present 
  day remnants and buildings. One of the unique  features of Bergdala
  is, for example, the stable behind the manager's house. In all the 
  other glassworks' villages have the stables been torn down.
  Buy the whole series,  and use the brochures as your private guides
  for cultural walks in Bergdala, Boda, Orrefors, Målerås, Johansfors,
  Kosta, Lindshammar, ...

  Or: download the Bergdala brochure (.pdf-format). 
  Unfortunately, it is in Swedish only, but there are pictures...