Bergdala City ... where you recharge

N 56° 50.029', E 15° 13.257'

Others say: When you're tired of London you're tired of life
We say: When you're tired of London and everything, you need a rest
Come here to rest!

Background: The first telegraph station

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  Greater Bergdala covers all the area across which Begdala is  the
  natural gravitational and cultural center.  This ought to include 
  the northern parts of Europe, with Rome, London and Prague as the
  complementary cultural and  intellectual centra in Southern, Wes-
  tern and Eastern Europe. But to most people, the virtues of Berg-
  dala have not really penetrated, so we have to be more modest.

  Bergdala is part of Lessebo municipality in the region of Småland.

  Lessebo is only a very small community with less than 9000 inhabi-
  tants and located along the road from the county capital - Växjö -
  to the East coast of Sweden.  Historically, this has always been a 
  poor part of Sweden with deep forests and poor farmland.  The area
  suffered severely from failures of the potato harvests in the mid-
  1800's, after which a big proportion of the population emigrated.

  This emigration was true for great parts of Småland. For those who
  remained life was hard and a stubbornness and an economic disposi-
  tion  (sometimes mistaken for greediness) was developed.  Have you
  heard that the people in Småland are introvert and greedy?  Do not
  believe it!! The hard times certainly breeded minds of persistency 
  and of economizing - but it also breeded solidarity and generosity
  as natural parts of the way to survive.

  So Småland has fostered scientists, poets, musicians, sports stars
  and industrialists of the highest ranks. And the people in Småland
  are still modest, friendly and welcoming.  Please take the tour in
  this web-site and then plan your visit to us.