Bergdala City ... where you recharge

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Others say: When you're tired of London you're tired of life
We say: When you're tired of London and everything, you need a rest
Come here to rest!

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  Småland has produced quite a few culinary specialities. While tou-
  ring, you may find little leaflets and booklets in local shops, in
  grocery stores,  in bookstores or in the local museums.  These are 
  written by locals and may contain  local lore,  their own personal 
  recepies or maybe little collections of local legends. Such little
  booklets will usually be privately  financed or maybe supported by
  the local community,  and they will be available only in very limi-
  ted editions and only on a local basis.  Buying these, you will ac-
  tively support the  local culture as well as you will get a unique
  set of memories from your trip.

  Isterband is a special, coarsely ground, smoked sausage.  To make
  isterband, the meat shall be ground only once or it can be finely
  chopped.  The proportions are two parts of fatty pork to one part
  of beef. Grind or mince the pork and beef together. Cut two small,
  yellow onions per kg of meat into quarters,  run them - with 2 dl 
  of barley grain per kg of meat - through the grinder and mix into
  the meat.  Work the batter until tender.  Add water to adjust the 
  consistency. The batter should be thick and not too loose. Season
  with salt and pepper, but take care not to take too much salt sin-
  ce smoking adds saltness to the final taste.
  Stuff the sausages hard and tie them off about every 20 cm.
  The sourness is achieved by a controlled fermentation and requires
  correct time and temperature. Hang the sausages two by two across
  a rod in an airy  environment.  Heat them to lukewarm twice a day
  for at least three days. This gives a moderate acidity. Less heat
  and longer time makes them more sour.
  To be smoked at a temperature exceeding 70 degrees C.

  The Småland way to make potato dumplings is to use boiled potato-
  es, not raw as they do in Öland. Leave the new-boiled potatoes to
  steam off for some time before mashing them.   Mix the purée with
  one egg yolk for each kg of potatoes. Spread the purée evenly over
  a baking paper and sprinkle with flour, salt and pepper.
  Fry the stuffing - a mixture of salted and smoked pork and onion -
  lightly and leave it to cool. Count on 150 g of mixed pork plus a
  reasonably big yellow onion per kg of potatoes. 
  Prepare a roll of the potato purée, about 5 cm diamter, and cut it
  into twelve-fifteen slices.  Place a spoonful of stuffing onto each
  slice and then shape them into neat dumplings. If they break, they
  can be repaired with a bit of more purée.
  Simmer in salted water.  They will float to the surface after some
  minutes of simmering. After coming afloat, they need ten more minu-
  tes to be ready. Serve hot with lingonberry jam
  ... perhaps "pork swat"?
  A fläskasmälla is just a waffle with salt pork added to the 
  Eat it with lingonberry jam.
  Cheesecake from Småland
  To make this kind of cheesecake, first get a big apron - it is quite 
  For 3 litres of fat milk, you need a scant dl of wheat flour and one 
  tablespoon of rennet.
  Stir the flour with some of the milk. Heat the rest of the milk (use 
  a big pot) until finger-warm. Do not let it get too hot!
  Take the pot off the heat, stir in the thickening and the rennet.
  Let sit for 30 minutes to an hour - DO NOT STIR!
  While waiting, get 3 eggs, 1/2 - 1 dl sugar and 3 dl cream (and some
  almonds, if you like). Whisk until you have a nice batter.
  Get one (or two) extra pots, and a strainer.
  When the curd has formed, it should be "broken" with, for example, a 
  balloon whisk. The curd should form grains in the size of, say, raisins.
  Strain the curds, some at a time. (The whey can be used for baking.)
  (A "good" cheesecake should be a dry as possible. Therefore, strain 
  several times. You can squeeze, but do not knead, the curds while 
  Now combine the curds and the egg-and-cream batter. Pour the result 
  into an ovenproof dish - don't fill it completely, as the cake will 
  rise some. 
  Bake in the oven for about an hour, or until the top is golden.
  Eat with (guess what?) lingonberry jam. Or strawberry, or raspberry,